The Technological Edge, Inc. was formed in 1996

The purpose of the website is not to sell you anything.  We ended up with a set of great customers that pay us a monthly fee for our Internet services to keep them booked up.  We aren’t really seeking new customer projects like those.  Instead, we like to build our own websites and collaborate with others.  Our goal is to work on projects we think are fun.  We built this website to help give some background on what we are doing so that it would be easier to find like-minded individuals.

We have a lot of ideas and we are always trying to turn these ideas into reality.

What is the Technological Edge, Inc?

We are a small Internet consulting company (a husband-wife team) that focuses on the Outdoor Recreation Tourism Industry.  That means tourism to areas where the only draw is nature.  We have a set of customers in this industry that pay us a monthly fee for our services, plus we earn money from the  traffic to our own websites.  We keep pretty focused so that we can be expert in certain areas.  Our core areas of expertise are listed below.  These days we are really focused on the Vacation Rental businesses.  We are world class experts in promoting vacation rentals online.

Other than Vacation Rentals, we focus on the stuff below.

above all We Stay updated!

Key to our business is experimenting with all of the new technology.  We keep up with the current state of computers and the Internet, and apply that knowledge to help tourism businesses.   

We experiment with different things for different customers and then apply what works to everybody.