Social Media


Since the dawn of MySpace social media has been on our radar.  For what we do social media solves our fundamental marketing problem.  It allows us and our clients to talk to people that maybe never even thought about going somewhere.  All of our customers rent stuff, so they care about occupancy percentages.  While it is really hard to be 100% full all the time, social media is a way to get as close to 100% as possible.

For Facebook we have developed a worksheet that a business can fill out to form the best Facebook strategy.  For Instagram we use bots that cost about $25-$50 per month.  These bots simulate a human being, and they are doing EXACTLY what you would do if you were punching the buttons to grow your Instagram following.

We spend a bunch of time and money on the tools and the classes.  We get certifications because this stuff changes all the time.